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Welcome to the new Maracas Beach! 

A jewel in the crown of Trinidad’s beaches,  Maracas Beach is the flagship beach of Trinidad and Tobago and a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.  The Tourism Development Company (TDC) is committed to enhancing the beach experience for everyone and creating a facility that is of an international standard and comparable with the best beach facilities in the world.

The Maracas Beach Redesign & Restoration Project is just one of several planned upgrades to tourist sites and attractions across the country, in keeping with the TDC’s commitment to the development and maintenance of our tourism infrastructure and amenities.

We now invite you to take a closer look at the new Maracas Beach.


Project Overview

Upgrading the beach facilities of Trinidad and Tobago is essential to improving the country’s tourism product.  In 2009, Cabinet approved $233 million for the Maracas Beach Redesign & Restoration Project and the TDC, through the Ministry of Tourism, was given the mandate to manage the project. 

The Beijing Liujian Construction Corporation won the international tender to provide design and build services for the project. Plans for the redesign are now well underway.  A Master Plan, conceptual designs and initial stakeholder consultations have been completed, and a Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) has been awarded by the Environmental Management Authority.  This certification ensures that the construction will be undertaken in a way that mitigates harm to the natural environment of the beach. Community involvement also continues to be at the forefront of the development process.

Proposed improvements to the facility include:

  • Diversion of the North Coast Road, south of the existing car park to deal with the traffic congestion and to improve pedestrian safety;
  • The establishment of a higher capacity waste water treatment plant, which would be constructed away from the beach and south of the North Coast Road;
  • Elevation of the car park to address the flooding issue and an increase in its size to accommodate more cars;
  • The placement of timber along the length of the beach to reduce sand denudation;
  • Construction of a timber boardwalk;
  • Construction of a main pavilion with vending booths and an interpreter area;
  • Construction of an event area for shows and performances;
  • Construction of toilets and showers;
  • Construction of an administration building;
  • The establishment of a children’s play area, and zoned areas on the eastern and western ends of the beach for sports such as football and volleyball;
  • Improved drainage facilities.

It is estimated that the project should take three years to complete once construction begins; the development will be done in phases to alleviate the disruption and inconvenience to patrons, vendors and the Maracas community at large, and the beach will remain open during the construction.

“The Maracas Beach redesign will result in higher quality of life for residents of the Maracas area as well as visitors. It would also increase the visibility of Trinidad and Tobago as a tourism destination of choice...”

Minister of Tourism (2007).


Extracts from TDC's Maracas Beach Redesign Brochure:

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